Post Operative Rehabilitation

What is Post Operative Rehabilitation?

Post Operative Rehabilitation is the plan of management for a patient following a surgical intervention for a musculoskeletal condition.

What is the aim of Post Operative Rehabilitation?

There are several aims of Post Operative Rehabilitation including the optimisation of patient recovery following a surgical procedure, successful return the work and leisure and a return to patient’s prior level of physical function.

How long does the Post Operative Rehabilitation plan take?

This can vary from case to case based on a number of factors including but not limited to the surgical procedure itself e.g. a hip replacement, patient’s healing ability e.g. chronic conditions like diabetes can hinder and delay healing capacity, smoking history, participation in a prehabilitation program and integrity of operated structures prior to surgery.

What is our approach to Post Operative Rehabilitation?

We understand that surgery and the need for post operative rehabilitation isn’t someone’s first choice when it comes to injury management, however sometimes surgery is the best option. Then if only you were able to recover 100% after leaving the operating theatre. Studies have shown that it may take between 6 weeks to 12 months to obtain optimal function post operation.
A graded program of specific exercises and goals are individualised to your case as you progress through different stages of healing. We have seen in the past that we can have two different patients presenting after receiving the same surgical intervention and their plans were quite different due to a number of factors. Another important fact which must be considered is that after surgery, you may not be able to obtain 100% function at the post operative joint, ligament or tendon, which in some cases may be normal, but we will try to get you as close to 100% as possible.